Day Thirty: Still

Clearly I didn’t finish NaPoWriMo on time this year, so big apologies to all those who followed me all the way through- you know who you are! Thank you for your patience, and here is the very last instalment, albeit rather late. Enjoy, and please follow my Main Blog if you want to keep up with me until next April. Thanks!


I cringe when the phone

Goes off when I’m alone

The ring tone that tells me

Soon I’ll be unhappy

Because it’s never good news;

He’s the bringer of blues

Harbinger of doom

Grimness and gloom


I resist replying

Though insides are dying

To say how I feel

Let lists unreel

Words are curses thrown

From winds not yet blown

Storms not brewed

Civil yet rude


I laugh, put the phone down

And remember how good life is

Without him around.

Day Twenty Nine: Mine, All Mine

We laid the turf today

Well, he did

Ridding ground of weeds

Digging ’til he bleeds

Or sweats at least

Crown gold in sunset

King of the land

Lugh’s disciple

Fork in hand

Stamping, tamping down

The neat squares of

Emerald hope.

We laid the turf today

My hearth so bright and gay

Now so much space to play

King of my castle;

Mine, all mine.

Day Twenty Seven: Writing After Midnight

It’s half one
And I’m updating the blog
Should be sleeping like a log
Or some other cliche…
It’s after half one
And the poems are down
But I still seem to frown
My brain shouts ‘Touché!’
It’s nearly two
And I’ve nothing to do
Should be cuddling you
Avoiding the fray.
It’s two
Can I sleep
Not a peep
Please may?

Day Twenty Five: 38 Degrees

Poorly him is poorly me
A thing I cannot bear to see
A furrowed brow; a sweaty neck
A temperature I have to check
A grumpy face, a growly voice
Sad with each and every choice
Wants a blanky; wants a nest
Wants to cuddle to my chest.
Wants some food then nothing’s nice
Not eggs or ice nor toast or rice
Nor sweets or beans nor jams or creams
Not cocoa pops or ham, it seems.
So pillows, sheets and arms it is
Exhausted both; but friends in bliss
As poorly him hugs poorly me;
We rest: the best that we can be.